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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism BTEC Level 1


Since 2015 Clare Mount has been offering pupils the chance to study Travel and Tourism BTEC Level 1. This course offers pupils an opportunity to gain a qualification in an area which is driving the Liverpool and Wirral economy with over 1 million visitors a year visiting  the region

Year 10 Travel and Tourism

In Year 10, pupils will be studying UK Tourist Destinations including Seaside resorts, places of historical interest and National Parks. This year we have visited Chester to see what it has to offer visitors as a tourist destination. We identified key tourist sites including the Castle, Amphitheatre, Roman Gardens and Roman Dewa Museum. We also walked the city walls and visited Chester Cathedral and the Storyhouse. Students completed questionnaires to find out why people were visiting Chester. They called at the Chester Visitor Centre to collect leaflets and information to help them to produce a power-point on Chester as a tourist resort.

Here are some quotes from students:

 “I liked going to the Cathedral because the building was fascinating”

“I liked seeing all the different types of transport which tourists can use – especially the buses”        

“I liked seeing the Lego model of the cathedral” 





   Year 11 - Steps of Progress

Year 11 Travel and Tourism

Clare Mount Travel is a project that our year 11 students take part in every year as part of their BTEC Travel and Tourism course and was once again in action as our Year 11 BTEC Travel and Tourism group became Travel Agents for the day. They completed customer questionnaires with students and staff, to find out their customer’s needs and then make recommendations on suitable holidays. Students were assessed on their Presentation, Listening and Communication skills.



Here are some of the comments visitors made about our students Customer Service skills.

 “Student presented well, had a positive attitude, asked questions clearly and gave plenty of options”

“Student was positive and smiling. She listened to what I was saying”

“Student suggested a holiday location and was able to offer advice on the weather and the beaches”

“Student made a good impression. I asked to go to Egypt and he gave me some advice on the temperature and some suggestions on places to visit”

“Student was very polite and friendly. She listened carefully to my requests and showed great initiative in suggesting things herself”

“Student was very well presented and gave me a friendly welcome. She was attentive and professional”

“Student made me feel relaxed straight away. He listened to all my requests and I was confident that he would find my ideal holiday”

“Student provided detailed information and advice. He used a brochure and his personal experience to guide me through the booking process”

“Student’s communication skills were good. He spoke clearly and asked great questions”

“Student was very pleasant and organised. She provided me with information on a variety of holidays”                                  

How you can support your child


  • Discuss different reasons why people may travel

  • Choose one travel method to consider why people might select it

  • Research a transport provider such as Virgin trains or EasyJet airlines

  • Find out about an organisation that specialises in leisure travel such as Thomson or First Choice

  • Visit a local travel agent and discuss the advantages of booking through a travel agent