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Clare Mount SpecialistSports College

Role Models and Catalysts for Change

Transition from Primary School

Clare Mount Specialist Sports College is a School for pupils aged 11-19 who have Autism and/or Moderate Learning Difficulties. There are 223 pupils on roll and we currently have 38 students in Year 7, within 5 Form Groups. Each Year 7 Form Group has a teacher and a teaching assistant. The teaching assistant is with the same form for every lesson that they have. For our pupils who have ASC as their main area of need, the Local Authority would usually assign a Base placement. This means that the pupils are taught using a primary model and so they stay in their classroom for all lessons, until they are ready to move towards the secondary school model and begin to move around school to their lessons later in the academic year.

Transition from primary school to secondary school is often a tricky time for all children. At Clare Mount, our main aim for our Year 7 students is that they begin to feel ‘Settled and Safe’ as soon as possible, but this can take time. This is why we try to limit changes of environment and staff, in the hope they will begin to trust the adults who work with them and so follow their instructions and guidance.

Our Year 7 staff team consists of the Head of Year, five Form Tutors and five TAs. The four members of the Clare Mount Support Team, which includes the Key Stage 3 learning mentor, also provide pastoral care and guidance for Year 7.

Our school is a happy and positive place to be. The last Ofsted team who visited described Clare Mount as an ‘oasis of calm’.  We provide a nurturing environment where our pupils are listened to and encouraged to give their personal best in everything that they do. In this way, we uphold the Paralympic vision of being ‘role models and catalysts for change’.

Clare Mount Specialist Sports College Welcome Tour

Mrs Croucher, Head of Year 7, takes you on a tour of the school. During the tour you will visit different classrooms within school as well as some of the specialist subject areas.

Clare Mount Specialist Sports College Prospectus

Please download the prospectus from the link below for printing or offline use.

Who's who at Clare Mount

Below is a presentation of some the people you are likely to meet when first coming to Clare Mount. Click on the 'present' and then click the arrows at the bottom of the presentation to move through it.

Mrs Webster - Headteacher

Mrs Webster talks about how we use sport, here at Clare Mount, in order to help students thrive both socially and academically.

Clare Mount Summer School July 2020

In July 2020, over 40 of our students and students starting with us in September 2020 joined us for two weeks of fantastic activities; here on-site at Clare Mount. No 'highlight' video could ever tell the full story of what was a truly memorable fortnight but hopefully this will give you some idea!

Together 'We are Clare Mount'

Students and staff alike all share the 'We are Clare Mount' motto and ethos.

Clare Mount in 20 seconds

A very short promotional film of Clare Mount Specialist Sports College.