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Health and Wellbeing Offer

Peninsula PE Partnership Wirral is an expert nationally in inclusion and mental health and well-being.
Please find links below to a range of training, webinars, resources and programmes to help you to include all learners and support families, students and carers in partnership.
£75 CPD challenge!
Can you get the Topsportsability, All About Autism and Whole School SEND CPD on the department and whole school CPD agenda at school and get the whole staff trained?
Topsportsability - complete training package (webinar and resources)

YSTINCLUSION30 is the code to access all the lesson activities on the website to help you adapt learning in a range of secondary invasion games, net-wall games, disability and Paralympic Sport and activities for frame users, amputees and complex physical disabilities. All with videos and activity cards.


All About Autism - complete training package (e-learning and resources)
E-learning in short course format (4 modules) which will give you and your staff a shared language of how to include all young people with autism.  Fantastic course for TAs who can then support in PE.
The booklet attached is fantastic to use for PE transition for year 6 to year 7 transition for learners with autism coming to your school.
Whole School SEND - Lancashire and West Yorkshire region - Angela Holdsworth (regional lead) will connect your school to a range of free CPD in SEND.
You can only get the £75 for your PE department if you prove that you have connected your SENCO with Angela by email and your SENCO has registered your school with Whole School SEND on the link above 
For schools who manage to meet all parts of the CPD challenge there will be a £25 bonus
Supporting Girls With Autism Secondary Girls Toolkit - complete training package (e-learning and resources)
Developed by the Youth Sport Trust Lead Inclusion School network, Supporting girls with Autism is a digital, audio and practical toolkit that builds upon knowledge of girls with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) and some of the key considerations for making PE and sport inclusive to all.
Engaging Wheelchair Participants in Sport (Online e-learning and certificated course)
Would you like to learn some new skills and provide opportunities for disabled people to get into sport and physical activity, and lead active lives?