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Link Governor

Ms Gaby Crolla

SLT lead for PSHE

Mr K Byrne

Careers Leader

Mrs Cooper-Shone

Careers Advisor

Miss Magnall

Teacher of PSHE

Mrs Boyle



Benchmark 1: A stable careers programme


  • Clare Mount offer Careers lessons delivered through PSHE from Year 7 to 14. We utilise the Kudos platform and by the end of Key Stage 3, all students will have successfully begun to develop their individual aspirations and logged their personal achievements.


  • All Year 9 students and every year thereafter, will have completed an Individual Careers Interview with Miss Magnall who then attends the student’s Annual Review with parents and carers. This ensures that Preparation for Adulthood targets are Careers focussed and progressive.


  • Each Year group has a ‘focus’ and careers activities will link to these – for example Year 7 fundraise for Orangutans and link with Chester Zoo to understand the role of the Zoo keepers.


  • Throughout all Key Stages at Clare Mount, employability skills are explicitly taught and developed through the 'My Personal Best' programme. These skills and characteristics are based around the top-15 attributes that employers in the UK look for in potential employees. By making sure we focus on these attributes we are helping our students prepare for their next step after Clare Mount. More details here:


  • Clare Mount has recently engaged with the Talentino programme to further develop our Careers programme.


Benchmark 2: Learning from Career and Labour Market Information


  • Weekly bulletins sent out to parents and carers (Year 9 and above) from Careers Connect regarding local opportunities and current vacancies or apprenticeship/traineeships.


  • Termly Destinations and College information including LMI from the Growth Platform sent out to all parents and staff.


  • We are developing our student Alumni and have featured past pupils in our Newsletter. We have had past students undertake traineeships in our P.E department and have featured past pupils in activities for current students during National Careers Week. We highlight past and present students on our Social Media platforms.


  • We coordinate an annual Careers fair specifically for SEND students across the Wirral. Which is held at Clare Mount. We invite Mencap, DWP, Travel Trainers, Social Care, NHS as well as local colleges and training providers. The Next Steps event is open to students and parents of Year 9 and above and they can attend as many times as they wish throughout their school life.



Benchmark 3: Addressing the need of each pupil


  • Year 7 and 8 have an introduction to our Careers Advisor Miss Magnall within their PSHE lessons. Year 9 have their first Careers Interview with Miss Magnall


  • Every student completes an Individual Transition Plan which highlights key milestones for each year. These are reviewed by their form tutor every term.


  • ITP’s and Careers advice documents are shared with parents at Annual Reviews.


  • In Key Stage 4, students undertake a week of Work Experience which reflects their area of interest.


  • In Key stage 5, every student undertakes a weekly placement for the whole year which reflects their interests or potential employment pathway. Sixth Form students in Years 13/14 may increase their placements to 2-3 days depending on individual need.


Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum learning to careers


  • Curriculum resources are shared with staff


  • All staff utilise the Preparation for Adulthood stamper to highlight when subject lesson have linked to careers or personal development. Positive Points are awarded for Preparation for Adulthood and careers engagement


  • Clare Mount have a broad curriculum which focusses on independent living skills and social skills. The majority of our lessons link to skills our student require to have a fulfilled adult life.



  • Natwest Money Sense is used in Key Stage 5 (and 4 where appropriate)


  • Subject areas have specific projects or topics in which they link learning to careers suitable for our students


Benchmark 5: Encounters with employers and employees


  • Key stage 3 have different encounters with employers/employees through school trips and projects for example NHS employees, Sports professionals, Zoo Workers, Park rangers to name but a few.


  • During Key stage 4 and 5, students will have encounters a range of employers and employees through Work Experience, Next Steps event, Duke of Edinburgh placements, School trips, Sports events, Wellbeing projects.


  • The Give an Hour initiative is used in Key Stage 5 where we welcome local employees into our Sixth Form Centre. This is part of our World of Work Curriculum in which we also visit local businesses such as Marks and Spencer, Veolia and local golf centres.


  • Pre Internships are offered in Sixth Form for individuals wishing to pursue a particular career. This may lead to a Supported Internship or vocational college placement



Benchmark 6: Experiences of workplaces


  • Key stage 4 students have a one week work experience placement. Students are either on an unsupported placement or group placement with a member of staff. We have excellent links with employers who are knowledgeable about the needs of our students.


  • Students have the opportunity to choose their placements in advance and parents are encouraged to support this process with our Careers Advisor. Students are prepared through assemblies, presentations, placement visits and 1:1 discussions


  • Key Stage 4 students also have volunteering opportunities through the Duke of Edinburgh programme


  • Work Experience is integral to the Sixth Form Curriculum with everyone engaging in an individual placement or group placement every Wednesday, every week.


  • Sixth Formers can increase their Work Experience days and undertake a pre – Internship. We have has success with the NHS and currently have students at Moreton Hills Golf Centre. Students can progress to a Supported Internship or vocational course at College.




Benchmark 7: Encounters with further and higher education


  • Our Preparation for Adulthood and career programme is designed to inform our students of all available options post 16 and beyond.
  • All students from Year 9 onwards have the opportunity to attend our Next Steps event as well as the Your Future Your choice event coordinated by Wirral LEA. Some students have also attended the Wirral Young Chamber Skills Show at the Hive.


  • Currently Year 11 visit local college providers prior to making their choices for post 16. Clare Mount have an Employability programme with Wirral Met College. Staff from Wirral Met are regular visitor to KS5 students and develop key relationships prior to students attending in September.


  • Sixth Form have transition mornings to a variety of colleges throughout Autumn term. By Summer term, students will visit the college of their choice every Friday morning.  During lockdown and National Covid restrictions, these have been completed virtually with live videos with staff from Wirral Met and Green bank College.


  • Students and parents are given information about open events and are encouraged to attend.



Benchmark 8: Personal Guidance


  • Miss Katherine Magnall is our Careers Advisor who delivers annual 1:1 sessions for all students from Year 9 onwards. She is experienced in delivering these sessions to our students and is fully aware of their needs. She works closely with Form Tutors, Heads of Year and parents to ensure advice is tailored to individuals.


  • By Year 11, students will have received at least 3 Careers Interviews and by Year 14 this increases to 6.


  • Careers interviews detail the following:


Pupil aspirations

Potential next steps post 16 – either to leave or attend Sixth Form provision

Discuss independence such as travel training

Predicted grades and options available

Using prospectuses online and in book form to research possible options

Likes and dislikes including hobbies and interests outside of school

Agreed actions for the year ahead




For any further information please feel free to contact:
Claire Cooper-Shone -

Katherine Magnall -




Handy Websites for linking curriculum to careers in Clare Mount as recommended by the Careers Enterprise Company.



Careers websites for students to explore, linked to:

Construction -

Food and drink industry -

Science -

Maths -

Engineering -

Geography -



As well as general websites:   (from the same people who write the First Newspaper for children)  (USA based)  - this our Liverpool based platform


Local Careers Events

Clare Mount's Preparation for Adulthood and Careers Responsibilities 

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Clare Mount Embraces National Careers Week 2023 - ICT Lessons on 'Effective Planning'


Clare Mount Specialist Sports College's Preparation for Adulthood and Careers policy