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Aims of subject
As words become intelligible when they are organised within the rules of language and speech, so sounds become intelligible when organised and controlled within the framework of music.

The appreciation, organisation and control of sounds, vocal, percussive and instrumental, require physical co-ordination, concentration, co-operation, sensitivity and the development of creativity.

* To develop an appreciation and understanding of music
* To develop awareness of the elements of music
* To give pupils the opportunity to participate in a wide range of musical activities
* To enable the pupils to respond creatively to a variety of musical stimuli
* Appreciate the contribution music makes to society

Curriculum Provision
All pupils in KS3 (Year 7-9) receive one lesson of music per week

Schemes of work
Pupils at Clare Mount follow the programmes of study as laid down in the National Curriculum. The scheme of work is modified to take into account the needs of pupils receiving special education for moderate learning difficulties.

General Points
All pupils will be encouraged to view music as "The organisation and control of sounds".
Lessons explore ways of organising and controlling vocal and instrumental sounds at varying levels, and response to music performed by themselves, others and recorded music.

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