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Clare Mount SpecialistSports College

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Modern Foreign Languages

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Clare Mount Specialist Sports College

MFL and Internationalism



One full-time, well motivated, creative member of staff who brings the language to life. We use a multi-sensory and fun approach to learning languages. This year, we are lucky to have Miss E Metaxotou who will be teaching German to some Y7 classes, Greek with Y8 and German and Greek with Y9. Support staff with some classes.



French is one, fifty minute lesson per week. It is compulsory at KS3 and KS4. Lessons are mostly oral but do encompass the 4 strands of language learning – Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing, Intercultural Understanding and Knowledge about Language.



Greetings, the Market, Seasons, the Body, Directions, Around the Town, Transport, Classroom Equipment, Pets and Sport. Y9 complete first unit AQA ELC “Sport” and AQA FCSE “Leisure” (French)

Y7 – Mandarin taster sessions, Y8 – Spanish taster sessions, Y9 – German taster sessions.



AQA ELC – listening, speaking (1 recorded) reading and writing tests. Y10 – “Food & Drink” Y11 – “School”.

AQA FCSE - listening, speaking (1 recorded) reading and writing tests. Y10 – “Food & Drink” Y11 – “Relationships, Family and Friends”



Pupils will experience a wide variety of activities across all curriculum areas, leading to Clare Mount receiving the DCSF International Schools Award. Examples of these activities are: Spanish Fiesta Day, European Languages Day, World Cup activities with the P.E. department and continued links with Oaks school in Sierra Leone.


French Trip

Every year, the MFL department runs a very successful residential trip to Paris in France. This is open to  Y10, Y11 and VI Form pupils. Past residentials have included visits to Disneyland Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and a river cruise down the Seine. 

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