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Guidance and advice documents

Mental health and behaviour in schools – departmental advice for school staff.  Department for Education (2014).

Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future – departmental advice for school staff and counsellors.  Department for Education (2015).

Teacher Guidance: Preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing (2015).  PSHE Association.  Funded by the Department for Education (2015).

Keeping children safe in education - statutory guidance for schools and colleges.  Department for Education (2014).

Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions – statutory guidance for governing bodies of maintained schools and proprietors of academies in England.  Department for Education (2014).

Healthy child programme from 5 to 19 years old is a recommended framework of universal and progressive services for children and young people to promote optimal health and wellbeing.  Department of Health (2009).

Future in mind – promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing – a report produced by the Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Taskforce to examine how to improve mental health services for children and young people.  Department of Health (2015).

NICE guidance on social and emotional wellbeing in primary education.

NICE guidance on social and emotional wellbeing in secondary education.

What works in promoting social and emotional wellbeing and responding to mental health problems in schools?  Advice for schools and framework document written by Professor Katherine Weare, National Children’s Bureau (2015).

Children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing profiling tool collates and analyses a wide range of publically available data on risk, prevalence and detail (including cost data) on those services that support children with, or are vulnerable to, mental illness.  It enables benchmarking of data between areas.

ChiMat school health hub provides access to resources relating to the commissioning and delivery of health services for school children and young people and its associated good practice, including the new service offer for school nursing.

Health behaviour of school age children is an international cross-sectional study that takes place in 43 countries and is concerned with the determinants of young people’s health and wellbeing