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Clare Mount SpecialistSports College

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6th Form

Work at home activities - Summer Term


The aim of Sixth Form education at Clare Mount is to:

  • Equip students with independence skills to reduce vulnerability
  • To provide students with qualifications that are purposeful and relevant
  • To prepare students to successfully transition to a course, work or traineeship that they have decided for themselves
  • To enable them to stay safe and healthy, including hygiene and self-help skills
  •  To ensure students are able to take responsibly for their own actions and decisions


Our aim is to develop independence in all aspects of Education, Health and Social Skills.



Sixth Form students are encouraged to take their role as the ‘Heads of School’ by becoming Peer mentors, Student Council representatives, Health and Well-Being representatives, Prefects and Head Boy/ Head Girl team.


All sixth form students are treated as young adults and our expectations of behaviour are high.



Every students will have an Individual Transition Plan, which includes all of the personal skills that a particular pupil needs to make a successful transition to further education or employment, including:

  • Independent travel
  • Managing money
  • Making own food/ drinks
  • Being healthy and hygienic
  • Looking after themselves (making a bed, cleaning up, cleaning clothing)

In addition to this, their Transition Plans will include the necessary courses/ qualifications for that pupil to progress to their chose further education and employment.


Those pupils requiring 3 year provision will have a Transition Plan that ensures that independence skills and college preparation are the central focus.


Students will participate in Enterprise projects, charity work, peer mentoring and the Civic Award scheme.  There will be a focus on students achieving the necessary grades they require to make a smooth and confident transition to college in courses relevant to their progression.


Pupils who require Year 13 / Year 14 provision will have new targets set at the beginning of each year, so that the targets they have remain current and progressive.


Work experiences is integral to our curriculum.  Every students is encouraged to participate one day a week with a view to increasing this to 2 or 3 days as they make progress throughout the Sixth Form.


Employability skills are embedded in our curriculum with reference to work place skills in every subject.


Transition to further education is integral to our provision.  All students visit a range of providers so that they can make informed choices for their next step.