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Religious Education

Spectrum Steps - Year 7 Signs and Symbols

Religious Education

Year 7  -  Autumn Term

Pupils will explore:

  • What do we mean by Signs and Symbols?

  • How useful are signs and symbols in everyday life

  • Religious symbols and their meanings

  • The importance of symbols to religious believers

  • Food and symbolism

  • A local church – St Oswalds at Bidston

  • Visit from the local vicar to talk about his role and the place of the Church in the community

  • The nativity story and its symbolism

  • Christmas celebrations around the world


Activities will include food tasting, exploring religious artefacts, making a Christingle, ICT research on Christmas traditions and drama.





Spectrum Steps - Year 8 Judaism

Year 8 Religious Education – Autumn Term

Pupils will explore three World Religions this year. In the first term, they will focus on the religion of Judaism. They will find out about:

  • Jewish beliefs about God

  • Abraham - the founder of Judaism

  • The importance of Moses to the Jewish religion

  • The festival of Passover

  • The Seder meal and symbolic foods

  • The ten commandments

  • The Torah and its importance in everyday life

  • Objects associated with prayer

  • The Synagogue and Worship


Activities to include storytelling, acting out a seder celebration, tasting symbolic foods, designing their own Passover plate and making their own Torah scroll.




Spectrum Steps - Year 9 Festivals

Year 9 Religious Education – Autumn Term

Students will study Festivals and Celebrations this term. They will explore:


  • What is a Festival?

  • Research special days and festivals from around the world

  • Consider the importance of special days to us as individuals and as a community

  • Interview someone about their special day, find out how they celebrate and why it is special

  • Chinese New Year

  • The Jewish festivals of Purim and Hanukkah

  • Harvest and Sukkot


Activities will include I.C.T. research, class presentations, conducting interviews, puppet play, craft activities and designing a Jewish Sukkah.



   Rosh Hashanah


Year 9 Students have been looking at the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah. This festival took place on the 6th - 8th September, this year. Traditionally a shofar horn is blown to mark the Jewish New Year. Students particularly enjoyed the tradition of dipping apples into honey, which is symbolic of wishing one another a sweet new year or "Shanah tovah"

Sampling apples dipped in honey