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VSD 2020


Welcome to Virtual Sports Day 2020

We couldn’t finish the Summer Term without a Sports Day!! 
We may not be in the Oval like we planned but we can still all come together and have some fun with a Virtual Sports Day. 
You have till 5pm to complete 1 or all 6 challenges - each challenge completed gains points for your form and year group. Bonus points will be awarded for submitting videos to our social media. There is a video from the PE team for each challenge. You must submit your results by 5pm for them to count. This can be done using the google form or via email to 

Good Luck - Have Fun 

PE Department 

Virtual Sports Day 2020 Challenges

Click the icons below for an explanation of each challenge. For a bit of extra fun, see if you can guess which PE teacher each icon is before you click.

Challenge 1: Self Discipline

The Plank

Challenge 2: Resourcefulness

Treasure Hunt

Challenge 3: Self Belief

Keepy Up

Challenge 4: Self Motivation

Star Jumps

Challenge 5: Concentration

Bottle Flip

Challenge 6: Resilience

Speed Bounce