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Clare Mount SpecialistSports College

Role Models and Catalysts for Change

Who's Who

Teaching Staff and Additional Responsibilities


Mrs K Webster   Headteacher
Ms L Evans Deputy Headteacher
Miss J MacLean Assistant Headteacher, Head of Performing Arts

Ms T Rowland 

Assistant Headteacher

Mr K Byrne Director of Personal Development and Well Being
Mrs C Cooper-Shone Head of Sixth Form
Mrs L Neill Head of Year 11, Head of Modern Foreign Language
Mr S Stanley Head of Year 10, Head of PE and DofE
Mrs L Mault Head of Year 9
Mrs L Grayson Head of Year 8
Mrs S Croucher Head of Year 7
Mr T Lindsay Head of English and Literacy
Mr W Blessing Head of Mathematics and Numeracy
Mrs N Nokes Head of Science
Mr P Kearney Head of ICT
Mr G Johnson Head of Art and Design
Mr C Hughes Head of Design Technology
Mrs S Badzire Head of Food Studies
Mr J Jones Head of Humanities
Mr R Allkins  
Mr I Atkins  
Mrs N Boyle  
Miss C Donnelly  
Mrs C Fogarty  
Mr B Gavin  
Miss L Grindrod  
Miss C Hanley  
Mrs J Hewitt  
Mrs G Kearsley  
Miss A Kyvelou  
Miss L Neill  

Mrs L O’Hanlon

Mrs S Perry

Mrs C Quinn  
Mrs K Spracklen  
Miss C Vicars  
Mr A Waters  
Miss D Webster  
Miss J Wilson  
Mrs E J McLeod  
Mr J White  
Mrs G Corcoran Schools Games Organiser
Mrs L Poynton Dance Instructor
Non-Teaching Staff
Mrs L Egan School Business Manager
Mrs S Owen Headteacher’s PA and Clerk to the Governors
Mrs S Davies Clerical Assistant 
Miss L Whyte Attendance Officer
Mrs K O'Brien

Clerical Assistant and Receptionist

Mrs J Fitch Clerical Assistant and Receptionist
Mr A Egan Clerical  and IT Support
Mrs S McCannon Learning Mentor (KS3)
Mrs C Stephenson Learning Mentor (KS4/5)
Mr S Vasey Pupil Support and Welfare Officer
Mr D Taylor  E-Learning Co-ordinator & Pupil Support
Mrs S Al-Khateeb Teaching Assistant
Ms C Beattie Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Booth  Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Boston    Teaching Assistant
Miss S Broughton Teaching Assistant
Mr B Brooks Teaching Assistant
Miss L Chan Teaching Assistant
Miss H Cordy Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Delamere Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Devlin Teaching Assistant
Mr L Dilnot  Teaching Assistant
Miss S Durkin    Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Gillett Teaching Assistant
Miss P Hanson Teaching Assistant
Mr K Holsgrove Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Johnson  Teaching Assistant
Ms A Kambanis Teaching Assistant
Mr M Kwiecien  Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Manifold   Teaching Assistant
Mrs B MacKinnon  Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Murphy Teaching Assistant
Mr P Rain    Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Randles Teaching Assistant
Mr J Scott Teaching Assistant
Mr A Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss P Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Swap   Teaching Assistant
Mr R Whyte Teaching Assistant
Miss V Willis Teaching Assistant
Mr C Laird   ICT Technician
Mr K Garvey Science Technician
Miss K Magnall WRL Co-ordinator for Special Schools’ Collaborative

Mrs S Masters 

School Nurse
Catering Staff  
Mrs K Lewis Catering Supervisor
Mrs J Collins Catering Assistant
Mrs J Herbert Catering Assistant
Mrs K Talbi Catering Assistant
Mrs J Seddon Mid-Day Supervisor
Premises Staff  
Mr A Williams Caretaker
Mrs C Campbell Cleaner
Mrs B Donnelly Cleaner
Mrs S Dunn Cleaner
Mrs J Herbert Cleaner
Mrs J McCloghlin Cleaner
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