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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2019 - 2020


Pupil Premium 2018 - 2019

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Pupil Premium

About Pupil Premium                   

The government believes that the pupil premium is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) or that have received free school meals at any time in the last 6 years (Ever 6) and their peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most. Schools also receive funding for children who have been looked after, adopted from care or are in special guardianship, and children of service personnel.


Pupil Premium Funding at Clare Mount

We currently have 105 students eligible for Pupil Premium funding and 15 students who receive Pupil Premium Plus funding which leads to a total of 66% of our students. At Clare Mount we have been very successful in narrowing the achievement gap between our PP students  and their non-PP peers. However, we continue to monitor the groups carefully and when necessary additional intervention strategies are put in place.

With the addition of the Pupil Premium Grant, Clare Mount Specialist Sports College has been able to improve provision for disadvantaged pupils in a variety of ways including;

  • Provision of additional English and Maths teachers for literacy and numeracy intervention

  • Employment of two Learning Mentors to provide targeted social, emotional and motivational support

  • Increased opportunities for disadvantaged students through funding trips, visits and enrichment opportunities helping to further engage and enthuse these students

  • Additional trips to local colleges which help with transition and to raise aspirations. 

  • Targeted Teaching Assistant support to enhance PP / PP+ life chances.

All these additions have been of great benefit to our students who have as a direct result grown in confidence and resilience.


In June 2018, our students sat more external exams than ever before at Clare Mount and achieved the best ever results. We believe this is due to the outstanding leadership of the senior leadership team working together with staff to create a nurturing, supportive environment in which students can flourish and succeed. 


Our Pupil Premium Grant will continue to be used for focussed support specially to enable students to access examinations that are above their aspirational targets.


Objectives for spending Pupil Premium Grant 2018-2019

  1. To raise attainment by accelerating progress for identified groups and individuals.

  2. To raise achievement by supporting Pupil Premium students to make aspirational progress

  3. To boost literacy and numeracy skills.

  4. To boost self-esteem, social skills and confidence through increased participation in enrichment activities and out of school learning

  5. To support student well-being and remove barriers to learning

  6. To support FSM families in accessing a range of extra-curricular activities and school events.

  7. To encourage FSM families to feel confident in working with the school to support their children



How do we use our Pupil Premium?



Precision teaching in smaller teaching groups

Teaching staff


1:1 mentoring/coaching including anger management; confidence building;raising self-esteem; enhancing social skills; team building; lunchtime clubs.

Learning Mentors

Additional learning support. Examples include: classroom support, 1:1 reading recovery programmes, small group work

Teaching Assistant

Personalised curriculum provision (where appropriate)

E.g. work experience (employability skills)

Family partnership


Family Welcome

Learning Mentors

Enrichment activities though clubs and activities; out of school hours learning (OSHL); trips, clothing, transport etc

Teaching and non-teaching staff

Engagement of specialist outside agency support


Catholic Children’s Society 


Pupil Premium Grant Income 2018 - 2019



Total Number of Pupils in Clare Mount Specialist Sports College eligible for PPG

(as of May 2018)




Number of E6 pupils


Amount of PPG received per pupil



Total amount of projected PPG income




Total for Premium Plus Pupils



Total amount of PPG income




Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure 2018 – 2019




Two Learning Mentors – Intervention Work / Time



Taxis & Travel Passes



Literacy Intervention Support



Numeracy Intervention Support



Enrichment and Extra-curricular

  • Yr 10 & 11 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition
  • Calvert Trust
  • France
  • Yr 8 Outdoor Adventure Week
  • Care Takers Club / Visits
  • Day visits
  • Wimbledon


Transition Activities (60% of college visits etc)



Parents Room and Creativity Sessions



Catholic Children’s Society Intervention



Pressure Point Intervention



Family Welcome Programme and Parent mornings



Additional Curriculum Resources













Proposed Activity Statement





Raise attendance of

Disadvantaged students to over 95%

Learning Mentor/administrative staff time

To increase interventions

Individual attendance of students eligible for Pupil Premium increase

To increase access to the curriculum for students with ASC


Individual ASC plans written for every pupil with a diagnosis of ASC as their primary need

Individual plans produced and barriers to learning broken down

To ensure all students eligible for Pupil Premium are provided with equal access and high quality coordinated support

Learning Mentor and SENCO to closely monitor ensuring equality of access to all aspects of the curriculum

Individual plans produced and used to ensure high quality support for all students.

Narrow the gap in literacy skills and GCSE results for Pupil Premium students

Additional targeted GCSE support provided for year 10 and 11 students

Pupil Premium students narrow the gap in literacy and English.

Narrow the gap in numeracy skills and Mathematics including GCSE results for Pupil Premium students

Extra maths teacher appointed. TA support in GCSE maths. All to provide Numeracy intervention and GCSE mathematics support.

Pupil Premium students narrow the gap in Mathematics and Numeracy.

Increased Pupil Premium student participation in enrichment activities, to develop confidence, motivation, resilience and social skills

Enrichment, extra-curricular activities and alternative opportunities provided and accessed by students

Increase in Pupil Premium students participation in enrichment or extra-curricular activities

Aspirations of disadvantaged students raised

SLA for connexions reviewed. Funding provided for visits to colleges. Students also supported to access Work Experience placements.

All students go on to education, training providers or employment.

Further enhance the support for families

Provision of family room and creativity sessions.

Multi-agency work.

Pressure Point Intervention

Catholic Children Society Intervention

Excellent relationships formed and maintained with families. Some of which have lost faith in the education system; hard to reach families; poor attenders.

Further enhance the support for students


Learning Mentors, TA support, SENCO, ESW support provided

Student attendance and motivation increased.

Provision of educational opportunities for those pupils who find difficulty in accessing the classroom.

Learning support base monitored by learning mentors, available to support students who struggle to access lessons.


Students struggling to attend class are able to access education.


2017-2018 has been Clare Mount Specialist Sports College's best ever year for examination results. Our results reflect the changing nature of our pupils and the development of all our teaching staff's skills to bring out the best in all pupils. We continue to adapt our curriculum and examination courses to suit the needs of our individual pupils. Our focus on outstanding teaching and learning, combined with our expertise in intervention and support with a wide range of issues has resulted in a rapid rise in the number of students gaining 5+ GCSEs (or equivalent) including those eligible for Pupil Premium Grant.