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History is a valued part of the curriculum at Clare Mount School. It is a tool to help improve the pupils literacy and numeracy skills but its role is much more than this. It stimulates the child's innate curiosity about the past as it provides a means of exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved by asking where? when? what? and why?





Year 7

Autumn Term – Introduction to History

·Using maps, photos and other evidence to find out about the history of Liverpool and Wirral

·Asking questions in History

·Chronological skills

·Finding evidence through sources

Spring Term – The Roman Empire

·What did the Romans ever do for us?


·The Roman Empire

Summer Term – 1066 and the Normans

·Famous battles  - Stamford Bridge and Hastings

·Bayeux Tapestry

·Medieval life and times (with all the gory bits!)

·Castles – designs and use


 Year 8

Autumn Term – The terrible Tudors!

  • War of the Roses
  • The body in the car park!
  • The Tudors - wives and children
  • What makes a good King or Queen?
  • Age of exploration and the roots of the slave trade


Spring Term – The English Civil War

  • The Stuart monarchs
  • King v's Parliament
  • A Civil War?
  • Who were the Puritans?


Summer Term - Industrial Revolution and Local History in the 19th                                   Century

Liverpool and the slave trade

The Factories and working conditions

Public Health

​​​​​​​The Growth of Birkenhead


What do the portraits tell us?

Year 9

Autumn Term - Life before the war

·Why did the war take place?

·Life in the trenches

·Weapons of war

·Researching soldiers of the 1st World War

Spring Term – WW1

·Commonwealth soldiers

·Versailles and the Peace Treaty

·A home for heroes?

The Suffragettes 

Summer Term -  WW2

·Who was Adolf Hitler?

·Hitler Youth


The Blitz

Key Stage 4

Topics include;

·Crime and Punishment

·WW2 and the final solution

·Individual study of an important historical figure

Progression in History - Spectrum Steps