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History is a valued part of the curriculum at Clare Mount School. It is a tool to help improve the pupils literacy and numeracy skills but its role is much more than this. It stimulates the child's innate curiosity about the past as it provides a means of exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved by asking where? when? what? and why?





Year 7

Autumn Term – Introduction to History

·Using maps, photos and census evidence to find out about the history of Moreton

·Asking questions in History

·Chronological skills

·Finding evidence through sources

Spring Term – The Roman Empire

·What did the Roman’s do for us?


·The Roman Empire

Summer Term – 1066 and the Normans

·Famous battles  - Stamford bridge and Hastings

·Bayeux Tapestry

·Medieval life and times (with all the gory bits!)

·Castles – designs and use


 Year 8

Autumn Term – The terrible Tudors!

·War of the Roses

·The body in the car park!

·The Tudors-wives and children

·What makes a good King or Queen?

Spring Term – The Suffragettes

·The changing role of Women

·Who were the suffragettes?

·Why was having the vote important?

Summer Term - Local History unit: the growth of Birkenhead

·Public health

·Liverpool and the slave trade


·The Titanic

What do the portraits tell us?

Year 9

Autumn Term - Life before the war

·Why did the war take place?

·Life in the trenches

·Weapons of war

·Researching soldiers of the 1st World War

Spring Term – WW1

·Commonwealth soldiers

·Versailles and the Peace Treaty

·A home for heroes?

Summer Term - Lead up to WW2

·The Blitz

·Who was Adolf Hitler?

·Hitler Youth


Key Stage 4

Topics include;

·Crime and Punishment

·WW2 and the final solution

·Individual study of an important historical figure

Progression in History - Spectrum Steps