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Role Models and Catalysts for Change


In ICT and Computing we are keen to prepare our students for their time after Clare Mount and so our curriculum reflects this throughout  Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4


In Key Stage 3 we are teaching all of the skills in order to prepare the students for their qualifications in Key Stage 4 ICT. The students will make Logos, Spreadsheets, Presentations and create a game using Scratch before making a Multimedia Product as preparation for KS4 BTEC . They will follow a scheme of work based around the Qatar 2022 World Cup


All of the skills will prepare our students for their Key Stage 4 studies. All students in Year 10 and 11 will study to achieve at least a Level 1 qualification in the BTEC Technical Digital Information Technology qualification, a recognised qualification equivalent to GCSE, whilst those who choose the option lesson will study this at a more advanced level in the hope of achieving a Level 2 qualification. We have also introduced an entry level qualification in ICT for those who may find the BTEC too challenging. Throughout the year we work on standalone projects in relation to cross curricular studies including Maths, English and Science and also study E-safety every year during Safer Internet week.


Also please find attached a link to various ICT topics through Teach-ICT games. The students think they are playing but it is a fun way to learn the many aspects of ICT and Computing



Progression in ICT - Spectrum Steps