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This week is art week!

Hi Everyone, it's Mr. Johnson here!


It’s Art Week!


There are four different things going on through this week and beyond you may want to try.


Firstly today (Monday) is the SuperLambanana Art Competition.

This competition has exciting 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning prizes. All winners get certificates and art materials and for the 1st prize winner, their winning design has the special honour of being featured on the SuperLambanana in the main entrance of the school for all to see. See attachments for more information.


Secondly is the “Lockdown” Gallery Launch. During this extra time at home, it is time to get creative juices flowing and get painting!!  Any artwork created during this time that students want to contribute will be displayed on our virtual gallery soon to be seen on the art website.  Each day I will give some ideas.


Monday’s Lockdown ideas:

a) Create a Lowry style street or your street with people keeping social distancing and masked.


b) Draw/paint what makes you smile on lockdown.  Some people choose pets/people, a special place e.g. somewhere in the garden or a view out of the window


Thirdly there is a wealth of activity offered each day all art-based of differing varieties.  These are activities to be created at home with suggestions, pointers, ideas and website visuals/tutorials to feed the imagination.


Today the attachment is by ATLAS Arts on the Isle of Skye that have made Frances Priest’s limited-edition colouring book based on seven plant habitats on the Isle of Raasay available as a free download.


Also last but not least is the Getty Art Museum Challenge kindly organised By Mrs Boyle.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get the whole family involved.  The challenge is to re-create a picture of a famous painting.  This can be serious or humorous. The photos you can see at the bottom of this article are examples of Getty Museum Challenges! (You may be able to spot a familiar face!) If you want to see more examples you can simply Google 'The Getty Art Challenge.' This is a good article too: 


You can find all the instructions and resources you need for this week's art challenges over at our dedicated page here:


I look forward to seeing all artwork as the week progresses and beyond.


Mr. Johnson