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The Fit Fun Fest @ Clare Mount

On 29th January, Clare Mount SSC hosted its first ever 'Fit Fun Fest!' The event, designed and coordinated by our School Games Organiser, Mrs. Corcoran saw 66 young people from 3 of our partner primary schools; Orret's Meadow, Lingham and Holy Spirit come together to have fun and learn some new sports and activities. Each participant experienced some trampolining, box-fit, tennis and zumba and they were helped to enjoy the activities by our brilliant 6th form sports leaders and volunteers, our PE teachers Mr Stanley and Mrs Poynton and our partner coaches; Gemma Rigby from @KidsfitWirral and Chris Thelwall from Prenton Tennis Club. At the end of the afternoon, Mrs Corcoran awarded 6 youngsters a 'Spirit of the Games' award for showing outstanding honesty, teamwork, passion, determination, self-belief and respect! This is the first of 3 Fit Fun Fests planned this year and judging by the response to this one they're set to become a regular feature of Clare Mount's 'outreach' programme in future years.