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Relaxation and Well-Being Support and Guidance from The National Autistic Society

Parents / Carers 


This week we thought we should share with you some resources related to relaxation and well-being. 

Firstly we would recommend visiting the National Autistic Society website which contains information about managing anxiety; mental health and specific issues around coronavirus.


The Accreditation team have produced a booklet with ideas and a list of resources related to maintaining well-being within the home environment which you can find here:


You can find a compilation of articles related to relaxation techniques for autistic people such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga here:


Finally, physical activity is an important element of maintaining well-being so we thought we would also share with you a booklet produced by the NAS. The booklet was written some years ago and contains some ideas and materials which may be of use if you are supporting an autistic person in physical activity during this period:


Thank You!


Mr J Knowles: NAS Accreditation Team