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Cycling Update: Clare Mount host learn-to-ride training session for local primary schools

On Friday 20th September, we welcomed 24 teachers and coaches to Clare Mount for a brilliant training course called 'Ready Set Ride.' In doing so, we became the first school this year to deliver the programme, sponsored by HSBC bank, which aims to help over 400 local children learn the hugely important life-skill of cycling.


Cycling is one of the top-5 most popular participation activities in the UK and the benefits to physical health, mental health, social cohesion and the environment are well-proven yet sadly, 50% of young people in the country reach the age of 8 without learning how to ride. At Clare Mount, we are doing our bit to improve this situation. We are delighted to have recently purchased a bike trailer that will enable us to take our students out into local parks and the community to ride safely.


On Friday, we were assisted by the year 3 pupils from our wonderful partner school, Orret's Meadow who had great fun practising skills and trying out new activities on our fleet of balance bikes.