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Congratulations to Clare Mount on retaining Advanced Accreditation status with The National Autistic Society

We are delighted to have received notification earlier this month that Clare Mount Specialist Sports College has achieved the 'Advanced Accredited Award' from the National Autistic Society Award Committee.


This recognition is only awarded to a small number of school settings in the country and highlights the commitment and endeavour of all our staff, students, parents, families and community in ensuring that Clare Mount is a safe, nurturing and dynamic educational setting for our young people with Autism.


Transcript of the award letter below 



Dear Ms Rowland


It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that the Autism Accreditation Award Committee have awarded Clare Mount Specialist Sports College an Advanced Accredited Award according to our expectations for a specialist educational provision.

Advanced awards are only given to provisions who offer excellent person-centred support showing a high level of consistency and quality rooted in a specialist understanding of best practice in the field of autism.

A key factor in the school’s success is a high quality programme of continuous professional development which supports staff to have an in-depth knowledge of autism specific methods and approaches. The well planned and progressive curriculum ensures that students make excellent academic, social and emotional progress. Moreover, there is a strong focus on developing independence and preparing for adulthood.

There is a wide range of sensory activities on offer to students to access throughout the school day, with staff being creative in their approach to incorporate sensory spaces and activities into classrooms and the delivery of lessons.

Transitions into the service are bespoke to each individual. With the enhanced transition in Year 6 and the primary model classes in Year 7 providing additional support to enable students to make a successful transition into the school.

ASC Individual Support Plans are truly person-centred documents which support staff to deliver consistent support. One Page Profiles and ASC Individual Support Plans give a real sense of the individual and their personality.


The school builds upon the students’ strengths and interests and relationships between staff and students are positive, respectful and trusting.

The school is identified as a centre of excellence on the Wirral providing outreach, training and support to a wide range of provisions. The work done with the Youth Sport Trust and the National Autistic Society developing “Strategies to make Physical Education and Sport Accessible for all” has supported schools nationally.

The assessment report recommends further development of the 5 point Scale tool and the supported employment programme and makes some suggestions regarding introducing the AET framework and a possible tiered approach to student documentation.


However no significant gaps or inconsistency in autism specific practice are identified. Pupils clearly achieve excellent outcomes that have a significant impact on the quality of their lives both as they progress through the school and as they transition into adulthood.

Congratulations again on this achievement, the committee look forward to your continued success and development.


Yours Sincerely
Stephen Dedridge
Head of Autism Accreditation (South)