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Role Models and Catalysts for Change

Clare Mount Supporting 'Travel to Tokyo' and 'National School Sports Week At Home!'

Welcome back and some key information about events this term!


Dear Parents / Carers,


While we are still working together to adjust to the unique situation we find our whole community in, we’d like to make you aware of some of the exciting events, projects and themes we will be covering during the next 7 weeks! Please take some time to read this information; all of which your child’s form tutor will remind you of at the appropriate times.

Firstly, as for the last half term, some of our weeks, and the work and activities we will ask the students to do between now and 20th July will have ‘themes.’ So far we have the following confirmed:


  • 1st – 5th June: Launch of ‘Travel to Tokyo’ Challenge (explained below)
  • 8th – 12th June: ‘Eco’ week
  • 22nd – 26th June: National School Sports Week (explained below)
  • 29th June – 3rd July: Numeracy Week
  • 6th – 10th July: Virtual Sports Day


Details of how you can all get involved in each of these themed weeks will be shared by form tutors and through our website and social media, however, we would like to explain a couple of them now!!


Travel to Tokyo (starting on 1st June and running through the whole term)

You will no doubt be aware that this year was scheduled to be an Olympic and Paralympic year; with the main event taking place in in Tokyo, Japan. The event has always had great significance for Clare Mount and we have adopted, as our own, the motto of the 2012 Paralympic Games in London; ‘Role Models and Catalysts for Change.’ Although the games have been postponed by 12 months, over the course of this coming term we are inviting you to help us ‘travel to Tokyo’ virtually!

How are we going to do this? Well, we would like to encourage everyone in the school (staff included) to walk, jog, run, Zumba, cycle, skip or do whatever you want to do to cover the marathon distance of 42.2 km in the next 7 weeks (01/06/20 - 17/07/20).  This works out at just over 6km (3.75 miles) per week.  If we can get everyone to do this, collectively we should be able to travel from Clare Mount to Tokyo - a distance of 9453 km! We need you to

a) be active every day or as often as you can be!

b) tell your form tutor what you’ve done each day and

c) send in some evidence! (pictures) and we’ll do the rest!

We’ll keep you updated regularly on the school website!

There’ll be prizes for best individual, best form and best year group; just to add a bit of fun competition, but the most important thing is that you get involved and have fun being active!


National School Sports Week (At Home) 20th – 26th June


Our partners, the Youth Sport Trust have been helping families to stay active with their daily #StayHomeStayActive activities since March and now they’re challenging school communities to go one step further by taking part in the first ever National School Sport Week at Home, supercharged by Sky Sports. Taking place from 20-26 June, the week will give families, communities, schools and sports clubs the opportunity to take part in a series of virtual sporting challenges which help young people capture the enjoyment, competition and camaraderie they may be missing out on at the moment.


Registering couldn’t be simpler:


  • Just go to the Youth Sport Trust website ( and click on the link for parents.
  • You will be asked a couple of questions as you register about who you might challenge and how many people you would like to get involved.
  • After signing up you will be provided with free and easy-to-use resources to help plan your week of National School Sport Week at Home Activity, set challenges for your families, friends and neighbours, and shout about it online.


We would love as many as possible of our Clare Mount families to get involved in this brilliant initiative; and to keep us informed all the way!

Thank you, as ever, for getting involved with all our activities. Please continue to stay safe and help us to stay connected as a community.


Many thanks


Team Clare Mount