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Clare Mount student win a trip for 40 to Wembley

Congratulations to Amelia in Year 10 who won a trip for 40 people to go on a Tour to Wembley. Amelia has been part of our Watersport hub programme and wrote a wonderful article about how rowing has positively effected her health and helped her manage her emotions. The Youth Sport Trust have completed a case study of Amelia to share with other schools. “When I row it calms me down and it makes me happy when I row at school. When I have finished rowing at school it makes me feel tired and happy and I feel calm after rowing. When I am stressed it helps me calm down.  After doing rowing it helps me think more when I am in lesson at school.  The teachers have seen a change in my work, I write more and I am more focused in lesson when I have been rowing. I had P.E. this morning for 2 hours and I did rowing.  It helped in my next lesson English as I felt better and was able to listen to the teacher.”


“I enjoy being a leader I have helped my best friend. Now my best friend is into rowing as well and it calms him down as well and it makes him happy as well.”