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6th Form meet a Wirral Ranger

Clare Mount 6th form invited Cathy Oldfield to discuss her job as a Wirral Ranger. Cathy’s visit
supported pupils studying ASDAN Environment studies, Expressive Arts, Workright, John Muir
award, Culture and World studies and Gardening!
Cathy explained the variety of tasks that her job entailed and talked pupils through some real life
scenarios in which they had to choose the correct course of action. This included someone falling in
bushes, a rider thrown off her horse and breaking her leg when it was scared by the noise of a crisp
packet rustling in bushes and a cliff top full of bulls that had escaped!
Cathy allowed students to try on some of the special protective clothing necessary for her job. Pupils
asked her lots of great questions and thanked her for the beautiful posters that she has allowed 6 th
form to keep.
Well done to 6 th form.