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10 Days of Safer Internet Day: Day 8 - Parental Controls on your Web Browser

Todays Safer Internet Day countdown tip shows you how to set parental controls on the two major web browsers, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. These settings can help stop inappropriate content from coming through the internet.


Windows 7 and Vista

1. Click the gear icon in the top right of your browser window and select Internet options.

2. Select the Content tab, then click Enable in the Content Advisor section.

3. Next, choose from the list of categories you’d like to block (eg Language, Nudity, Violence) and adjust the slider to choose the level of restriction.

4. You can also go into the Approved Sites tab to allow specifi c websites.

5. Finally, select the General tab to set up an administrator password so no-one else can change the settings.

Find out more on the Microsoft website.


Windows 8 and above

The Content Advisor functionality is embedded in the Microsoft Family settings.

Find out more on the Microsoft website.


Google Chrome

A Supervised User account lets you block websites you don’t want your child to use and to see the pages they’ve visited.

1. In the top right of your browser window, click the Chrome menu icon, then click Settings.

2. Under Users, click Add Person and choose a picture and name for the new user.

3. Tick Control to create a supervised account, then click Add. You’ll receive an email which will help you set up restrictions and review the new user’s browsing history.

Find out more on the Google website.