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10 days of Safer Internet Day: Day 5 - Safe mode on YouTube

Todays Safer Internet Day countdown tip is how to set up Safe Mode on Youtube. This helps to stop inappropriate videos from being found on YouTube. It is important to note that although this helps, like any internet filter, it is not 100% effective and some videos may still slip through its net.




To set up YouTube’s Restricted Mode on a computer, scroll to the bottom of any page, click the dropdown menu in the Safety section and select On. If you’d like Restricted Mode to be enabled for anyone using your browser, don’t forget to lock it.




To set up Restricted Mode on a smartphone, expand the menu in the top left and tap the gear icon (iOS) or Menu, then Settings and General (Android). Next, select Restricted Mode Filtering and choose between Strict or Don’t Filter (iOS) or under Restricted Mode, tick the box to enable it (Android).


Find out more on the Google (YouTube) website.