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Media Studies

The Media Studies course is in its fourth year now with both Year 10 and Year 11 students working towards the AQA GCSE in the subject. Our cohort achieved excellent results in the past academic year and all students entered achieved a GCSE grade which is fantastic for the development of the students.


The course comprises of:


Unit 1


The aim of this unit is to enable candidates to develop their critical understanding of the role of mass media in society. This unit is worth 40% of the GCSE and 20% of the Double Award.


This unit is externally assessed. The external assessment takes the form of a one and a half hour examination and is timetabled. Candidates are not permitted to take anything into the examination room except drawing and colouring materials.


The external assessment will take the form of unseen tasks based on the media course


Unit 2


The aim of Unit 2 is for candidates to develop an understanding of how and why media texts are produced as they are. Unit 2 is worth 60% of the GCSE.


In Unit 2 candidates will produce one introductory assignment, one assignment that requires candidates

to look closely at cross-media platforms which more closely reflects the media industry today and one Practical Production and Evaluation, each chosen from a different bank of assignments.


We have chosen to study Magazine, Film and Websites for the controlled assessments and these are currently being taught in class. We will post our first set of results in this coming year and we are confident that this will be a successful and relevant qualification for our students.


We also work closely with The BBC on their School News Report Project and the children featured on North West Tonight last year on School News Report Day. This is something which we are looking to roll out on a wider school basis through the year and will work on a number of topics culminating in the News Report Day. A trip to the BBC in Salford will also take place this year.


The percentage of coursework will change for the current year 10 cohort will change when they are examined at the end of 2019 academic year and this will be updated on this page



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