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In ICT and Computing we are keen to prepare our students for their time after Clare Mount and so our curriculum reflects this throughout  Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.


In Key Stage 3 we are teaching all of skills alongside the theme of Russia 2018 World Cup. The students will make Logos, Posters,  create Spreadsheets and Databases as well as using Presentation software when learning through the Microsoft Office suite. They will also be learning how to program and create their own games and animations using Scratch, Kodu and Python programming language as well as Website Creation using Wix who are a website creation company.


All of the skills will prepare our students for their Key Stage 4 studies. All students in Year 11 will study to achieve at least a Level 1 qualification in the Cambridge National ICT course, a recognised qualification equivalent to GCSE, whilst those who choose the option lesson will study Computer Science at either Entry Level or GCSE. In Year 10 all students are working towards the Entry Level qualification in ICT and the option group will study to achieve Computer Science at either Entry Level or GCSE through OCR. Throughout the year we work on standalone projects in relation to cross curricular studies including Maths, English and Science and also study E-safety every year during Safer Internet week.


Key Stage 5 students are studying to achieve the ECDL qualification in ICT which is a recognised qualification for both potential employers and Further Education establishments. They are also working on some basic Media work and supporting the school with the production of the School Newsletter.

Progression in ICT - Spectrum Steps