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Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education

The strategy at Clare Mount for careers, employability and enterprise education follows the core aims of the Careers Development Institute which are to:

  • Develop our Students through careers, employability and enterprise education (click here to find out more)

  • Learn about careers and the world of work (click here to find out more)

  • Develop our students career management, employability and enterprise skills (click here to find out more)

Our careers, employability and enterprise programme is designed to empower our students to achieve life-long success by gaining the right qualifications for the future and instilling the following personal employability attributes:



I listen and join in and want to be told when something is wrong and respect other people’s views even if they are not their own



Understand their strengths and weaknesses and understand why they do what they do and know how the choices they make affect their future.



Always try hard with enthusiasm, follow things through and stay focused when working independently.



Be comfortable talking to new people, be ok to try something new and be proud of their achievements



Try to control their emotions.  Ask and find help when it is needed and keep going, particularly after a setback.



Be able to explain ideas face to face or in a group setting.  Communicate professionally using all mediums and communicate appropriately depending on situation.



Turn up on time without being reminded, prioritise time and plan ahead.

Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) is available to all students from Year 7 through to Year 13. A careers programme of study is delivered through our Life-skills and PSHE/PSD lessons which is supported by form time activities and numerous opportunities for business, college and community exposure, visits, activities, experiences, assemblies, discussions and placements.

Mrs Magnall provides independent careers advice and guidance to students and she is available within school hours. Appointments are organised for transitional students, however individual appointments with specific needs can also be arranged.


An Overview of our CEIAG Programme

In Yr7 students will be encouraged to reflect on their recent transition and how they have used key skills to succeed. They are also encouraged think about what careers are available and how people achieve those careers. They will be able to identify their own skills and qualities and link these to the skills that employers find important. There will also be visits to class by members of staff who will discuss their careers with the students


In Yr8 students will have the opportunity to look at different career paths and activities are completed to investigate the previous careers of some celebrities. The concept of employability skills will be developed and students will think about which skills they need to develop to be successful. There will also be sessions on equality and diversity to help students challenge common misconceptions about gender and employment.


In Yr9 students will be encouraged to think about their own career pathway and they will spend some time researching jobs using JED (Job Explorer Database) and finding out about the salary available and the qualifications needed. Local job market information will be provided to help students identify where potential future employment opportunities may exist. Students will then use this information to make informed choices for the transition from key stage 3 to key stage 4.


In Yr10 & Yr11 students will look at the pathways available to them after their key stage 4 education. This will include an induction to our 6th Form, and information about apprenticeships, college courses and employment opportunities. Students will produce a C.V., Personal Statement and a Career Plan for their Progress File to help them prepare for their future choices.


In our 6th Form, all students have the opportunity to attend work experience with a local employer once a week, every week. This provides invaluable employability skills in the working world. Sessions are also held to develop employability skills and time is spent making sure that C.V.’s are up to date and students are fully prepared for their transition into further education, training or employment.


Please see below to access links to key websites offering a wealth of information, advice and guidance for our students, parents and guardians.


It is important to us that the careers information we have provided is appropriate for your needs.  Please feel free to email Mrs Chew, our careers co-ordinator, with your thoughts and views on the information provided.  This will allow us to review the information we are providing and ensure it is relevant and fits your needs.

Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education

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Clare Mount is a member of the Youth Chamber and works in partnership offering advice, support and career guidance throughout the year and bridging the gap between education and the working world to life.
Thinking of doing some volunteering work to gain valuable experience and give back to your community.  Go onto this website and search what is available.

A website that offers advice and information and guidance on apprenticeships and traineeships  for teachers, employers, parents and students

This site allows you to research apprenticeships in detail to understand the range of jobs available.  It also offers an independent learning element which will enhance employability skills to allow you to make informed choices for your future.

Not sure what or where to study this site offers a search facility for you to find full-time, part-time, short courses in sixth form, college or as an undergraduate. Search is based on subject, course type and location.
Career Connect is a charity, delivering careers information, advice and guidance services across the northwest.
The Government website that offers advice and information and guidance on apprenticeships and traineeships for teachers, employers, parents and students.

This site provides extensive carers information, advice and guidance, offering impartial advice support by qualified careers advisors.  It offers all the career tools you need to make the right choices for your future. This advice is offered to people of all ages including students, parents and carers.

Discover and explore exciting careers by registering with plotr. Play the game to match your likes and dislikes to find an occupation that suits you. Find apprenticeships in your local area and look for volunteering opportunities.

Job Explorer Database (JED) is used at Clare Mount and has information on 845 jobs (over 2300 career titles) presented in a clear and lively way that students of all abilities can understand.

Not sure whether you want to go to college? Go onto this website to see what options are available to you

A website that gives you advice and information about your next steps in education, employment or training

This site is a free library of films, news and information all about careers.