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Year 10

Pearson GCSE 2 Year Scheme of Work

Maths from 2015/16

2 year GCSE Scheme of Work


This 2-year scheme assumes 4 hours maths teaching per week.
The suggested teaching hours assume that students have already covered some of the material in their 3-year KS3 course, and that some of the lessons can be combined, set as homework or not taught.
Here are some suggestions for fitting the content into the suggested teaching times:

● Lessons where the content has previously been taught at KS3 can be combined, particularly in the earlier units.
● The Prior knowledge check, Check up and/or Unit test could be set as homework rather than taking up teaching time.
● It may not be necessary to cover all strategy problem-solving lessons in full with students who used our KS3 Maths Progress course as they will already be familiar with many of the strategies.
● The functional problem-solving lessons could be omitted, or saved for the revision period. These lessons provide richer activities in real-life contexts but do not contain any new teaching.



Year 1 - Foundation


GCSE (9-1) Foundation


Unit 1 Number


Unit 2 Algebra


Unit 3 Graphs, tables and charts


Unit 4 Fractions and percentages


Unit 5 Equations, inequalities and sequences


Unit 6 Angles


Unit 7 Averages and range


Unit 8 Perimeter, area and volume 1


Unit 9 Graphs


Unit 10 Transformations


Unit 11 Ratio and proportion


Unit 12 Right-angled triangles


Unit 13 Probability


Unit 14 Multiplicative reasoning


Unit 15 Constructions, loci and bearings




Year 2 - Foundation




GCSE (9-1) Foundation


Unit 16 Quadratic equations and graphs


Unit 17 Perimeter, area and volume 2


Unit 18 Fractions, indices and standard form


Unit 19 Congruence, similarity and vectores


Unit 20 More algebra