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Remote education information for parents

Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents / Carers

The remote curriculum: what is taught to students at home:

Parents / Carers are provided with a timetable which provides structure for the day (a visual timetable is also available).  

This timetable is to help; if your child needs more flexibility about when they do their work, this is OK.

There is a live Form Chat at 9.30 to get your child up and ready for their day of learning.

There is live physical exercise (PE) activity every morning at 10am.

Then lessons are posted just before the lesson time on the timetable by your child’s normal teacher – but this work can be done at any time.


We are aiming to deliver learning in all the subjects that your child would have if they were in school. However, the delivery of this learning is structured differently to make it easier to do at home.

In addition to the hour of live lessons (Form time and PE), there is 2 hours of expected academic learning in the morning.

In the afternoon, there is project work for two subjects every week. It is expected that your child spend at least 1 hour on this every afternoon.

There are more physical activities offered in the afternoon for your child’s health and well-being.


Accessing Remote Education


Most of the school work is provided in your child’s Google Classrooms set up by their teachers. These are accessed through your child’s Gmail account (Email + Password) and then the nine dots in the top right.


If your child does not have technology to access this and you are entitled to Free School Meals then the DfE is providing laptops through the school. (Dongles are also available if you have no internet).

If your child cannot access technology, please let your child’s Form Tutor know and we will try to help.

If you do not have technology and your child is not attending school, then school will arrange for paper copies of the work posted on Google Classrooms to be sent out.


Engagement and Feedback


Students are expected to engage with remote education every day (Monday to Friday)

It is hoped that parents / carers will whenever possible encourage their child to engage.

Teachers monitor the engagement of students every lesson and inform their Head of Department and the student’s Form Tutor if they have concerns.


We recognise that some students may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home due to their additional needs. We understand that this may place extra stress on families, and we want to avoid this. We hope that parents / carers will be ‘Monitors, Mentors and Motivators’ at home but understand that this is not always possible. Please let your child’s Form Tutor know if you need support.


It is recognised that many of our students have literacy difficulties


It is hoped that there is someone at home who can help read.

Guides have been sent out to set your child up to use ‘Read Aloud’ and ‘Voice-Typing’. This should help students work more independently.


Assessing Progress


Our approach to feeding back on student work is as follows:

Quiz marks

Marking work on Google slides etc.

Whole class feedback

Individual private comments to students on Google Classroom



Remote Education for Self-isolating Students when the rest of School is in


If most students are back in school and the school timetable has returned to normal, then work will be placed on your child’s Google Classroom, following the same timetable, for them to complete throughout the day. Paper copies of work may also be provided so your child is completing the same work as their peers.