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Paris Trip Information

When it comes to learning about France, nothing beats being there.

Whether you’re looking to improve language skills, benefit from an enriching cultural adventure or explore the wonders of Paris, the staff at Chateau de Grande Romaine help make it a transformational learning experience for each one of their visitors.

There’ll be lots of once-in-a-lifetime experiences on our French trip. We even have or own dedicated Tour Leader to look after us for your entire stay.

The Chateau

PGL’s very own château is 30 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport and only an hour from the center of Paris. Visiting international students enjoy the many facilities at the château including an outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis and volleyball courts, cinema room and games room.

Accommodation is en suite and there are a range of thrilling adventure activities within the grounds of the château that will inspire, motivate and challenge students, helping them make new friends in the process.


There are plenty of visits crammed into our trip to Paris. Some of the things we can chose to do are:

  • Visit a French market
  • Explore Paris on our coach
  • Spend a day in Disneyland
  • Take a trip up to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower
  • Enjoy a cruise on the River Seine
  • Visit Sacre Coeur and the nearby town of Montmatre


There is also plenty of entertainment in the centre during the evenings.

Where is the Chateau?


History of Chateau de Grande Romaine

Romaine is a very ancient stronghold cited in texts of the 13th century. It belonged to the abbey of Saint Maur. Under François 1st, the lordship belongs to an advisor to the Parliament of Paris. In 1559, an adjudication made him return to Charles de Guise who will exchange with the Bishop of Paris against the land of Chevreuse.

In 1796, the dilapidated wings are demolished, the courtyard takes its current rounded form and the octagonal tower is built by architect Visconti.

In 1791, it is put on sale as national property, reduced to its portion located on Lésigny. Beautiful French gardens will be made by Morel, renowned landscape architect.

In 1814, the area will serve as quartering for soldiers and hospital for horses. Purchased and restored in 1920 by Mr. Delaplace, it will be fragmented in 1968, on a portion of the land will be built residences (Grande Romaine, Clos Prieur, Clos de la Vigne), the castle and its park will be transformed into a Country Club then in hotel-restaurant.


In 1998, Romaine hosted the Brazilian football team at the World Cup. Ronaldo and his comrades enjoyed the tranquility of the park, the pool and the training ground specially designed for them. They will hold until the final but a superstitious Brazilian journalist has imagined possible ghosts because of the antiquity of the castle! Since other football teams have succeeded at the castle: Paris St Germain, OM, Lens, Rennes ...

In 2001, the Château de Grande Romaine was bought by the British group PGL to organize educational and sports trips for students aged 10 to 18 years.