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Messages of Support from our Head Girl and Boy

Abigail and Reeve, our Head Girl and Boy have special messages for all our students as we approach half term:


"Hi everyone,


How are you all doing in the lock-down? I want to encourage all of you to keep strong, healthy and fit and happy. I really recommend you all do the Joe Wickes fitness class every day.


I know this is a hard time but stay positive, stay safe, stay home and save lives. Go out for a walk every day. Keep active. Still keep in contact with friends and family, go out for a picnic or go for a walk with your family.


Remember I miss you all but I am really proud of you all so keep going!


From your Head Girl – Abigail."


"Hi everyone, its Reeve here, hope I find everyone well and safe. Just another little update as I want each and everyone of you to know that you’re doing exceptional at this strange time.


If you are struggling that is fine as lots of other people our age are in this time too. If you are feeling like this the best thing to do is talk to someone. Things will get better! I have seen all your hard work that has been put on the school website and social media. I love to look through it to see what you have all been up to and that in itself helps all of us to be strong as we are all in this together.


I hope you all continue with your hard work.