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Literacy across the Curriculum

Every teacher at Clare Mount Specialist Sports College will support the development of your pupil’s literacy development.





 All teaching staff are given opportunities and support in phonics to enable them to ensure that pupils will receive a consistent and effective model for developing their ability to read and spell familiar and unfamiliar words. Pupils are taught to break words down into sounds to enable them to spell them and when reading words, are designed to say individual sounds and blend them together. This approach is consistent across the whole school enabling effective literacy support for your child.




Clicker7 is a word processor designed to support the spelling and written technical accuracy of pupils. Clicker7 enables pupils to self-assess their work, and make improvements to it independently whilst learning about typical errors they make in their own work and becoming familiar with ways to avoid them.


Spelling Lists


Each ability level in Clare Mount Specialist Sports College is assigned a list of words for pupils to be tested on throughout the year. These lists enable pupils to make steady and effective progress without the introduction of arbitrary or sporadic words which may not challenge them appropriately.





Treasure House


Collins Education have produced a series of workbooks aimed at supporting literacy amongst young pupils. These workbooks will be utilised in form time at Clare Mount Specialist Sports College to support the development of pupils and give them a distinct literacy focus each week.